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Join CoinPoker now to get an exclusive offer!

The most popular blockchain poker room is now available for all players around the globe! Generous weekly leaderbords, flat rakeback and many more, contact us to learn more!

30% Weekly Rakeback

Pay your rake in CHP token to get 30% weekly cashback. CHP token is own CoinPoker currency which can be purchase via PC client. Please be noticed that you won't be able to participate at this promo if your CoinPoker does not contain CHP token.

Bad Beat Jackpot

CoinPoker offer a great BBJ with following payout structure:

  • 50% will go to the loser of the hand (loser‘s share).
  • 20% will go to the winner of the hand (winner‘s share).
  • 20% will be shared among all the remaining players that were dealt cards at the start of the qualifying hand (table‘s share).
  • 10% will be used to seed the bad beat jackpot.

Galactic Grinders - 33,000 USDT Every Month!

8,250 USDT every week in MTT, NLHE и PLO leaderboards! Leaderbords prizes are devided in the following way:

  • MTT Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool: 1,810 USDT
  • PLO cash Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool: 3,220 USDT
  • NLHE cash Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool: 3,220

Leaderbords points for NLHE and PLO games are calculated with different values depending on the stakes of the table:

  • NL2: 1 point each big blind collected in Community Contributions (CC)
  • NL5: 1.75 points for each big blind
  • NL10: 3.25 points for each big blind
  • NL25: 8 points for each big blind
  • NL50: 15 points for each big blind
  • NL100: 24 points for each big blind
  • NL200+: 36 points for each big blind
  • Community Contributions (rake) paid in CHP reward 50% more leaderboard points.

Leaderboard points for MTTs are calculated using the following formula: 10 * (√ (Number of players) / √ (Place)) * (1 + LOG (Buy-in + 0.25)).

Galactic Grinders Leaderboard races start at 00:00 GMT every Monday and end at 23:59 GMT every Sunday!

Contact us to get more details about CoinPoker registration!


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