Refer-A-Friend Promotion

Poker friendship has never been so strong, because from now on, IGP partners who invite their friends will receive not only progressive referral income for the number of invited players, but also a new unique bonus!
From now on, both the invitee and the inviter will receive a 2% bonus to the current rakeback deal each. The increase will be active for two months from the moment the account tracking of the invited player is confirmed in his first poker-room.
The grid of referral payments for the inviter:

 ✔️Up to 5 active players monthly - 2%
 ✔️From 6 to 10 active players monthly - 3%
 ✔️More than 10 active players monthly - individual terms of cooperation!

Rewards are paid monthly. Once you referred somebody, you secured your reward and could just enjoy an extra passive income.

Please make sure not to abuse the promotion rules and ONLY invite your friends and people you personally know. If you have any ideas on how to attract more players (the ones you do not know personally), please contact us and we will discuss the possible setup for you.

We hope you will enjoy our updated referral program and it will be good for all of us! If you have any questions or would like to discuss a special deal, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Refer-A-Friend Terms & Conditions

1. Every IGP raking player is allowed to take part in this promotion.
2. You will be paid a reward depending on number of active referred players from gross or net rake (depending on gaming brand) based on your referred player performance before 15th each month. The structure of the payments is following:
- up to 5 *active players monthly - 2%
- from 6 to 10 *active players monthly - 3%
- more than 10 *active players monthly - individual terms of cooperation!
*Player considered as "active" if we generated more than $15 USD rake within calendar month.
3. Current individual referral terms and offers are not subject to the new referral payout structure. 
4. If the account tracking is confirmed after the 5th day of the current month, then the bonus period (+2%) for both parties (inviter and invitee) will begin in the next calendar month after the current one. If the account tracking confirmation is received before the 5th day, then both parties have the opportunity to decide on the start of the bonus period on their own.
5. If the inviter received a 2% bonus in any room for one player, then it is impossible to receive a bonus in the same room for the same period for another invited player, in other words, the bonus is not cumulative. In this case, the bonus period in the room will be extended.
6. You can only refer a player who has never had any connection or relationship to IGP or its other players and affiliates.
7. You should personally know (be friends with) a player you refer, otherwise we reserve the right to take some actions toward you.
8. Your referred player should be registered through IGP links and bonus codes and his tracking should be confirmed before you will be rewarded.
9. Promotion runs since January 25th, 2022.
10. IGP reserves the right to stop promotion at any time and/or change terms and conditions without notification.
11. IGP reserves the right to exсlude referrer from this promotion and stop rewards on its sole discretion.