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First Deposit Bonus

100% up to $100

Rake calculations

Weighted Contributed




Welcome Bonus

100% on deposit - up to $600!

  • PokerOK will give you 100% of your first deposit (but not more than $600) in cash to your bonus balance.
  • The bonus is available with a deposit of $5 or more.
  • The amount is converted into cash during the game. Every $1 will be unlocked for every $5 of net rake/tournament fees.
  • You have 90 days to convert your bonus balance into cash.

Newcomer Honeymoon - Get Rewards Up To $350

By choosing PokerOK, you are starting a serious relationship, and you are given a 30-day honeymoon to strengthen it.

Honeymoon plan:

  1. Click the "Start Honeymoon" button on the honeymoon page to participate in the promotion!
  2. 1 mission per day, 30 missions in total.

Rush & Cash Friday

Play Rush & Cash every Friday with team pros. Cash drops up to 1200BB are waiting for you!

Spin & Gold Challenge

Win up to 80% cashback!

Fish Buffet Bonus Program - Reboot

Earn up to 60% cashback with the Fish Buffet loyalty program! New Platinum ranks! Even more levels with fixed cashback! Whale ranks have become shorter, and the cashback in them has increased to 100%.

The level system includes the following statuses:

  • Plankton - 750 FP
  • Goldfish - 1500 FP
  • Shrimp - 6000 FP
  • Crab - 12000 FP
  • Octopus - 60,000 FP
  • Whale - 120,000 FP
  • Shark - 5,000,000 FP
  • GGplatinum - 5,000,000 FP

Earn Fish Buffet Points by playing real money poker and climb the levels to access even more valuable offers.

The GGPoker VIP program was changed. All major changes affected the upper levels which were somewhat cut in favor of lower levels.
Major changes:

✅The lower level is Bronze Whale which used to give 40% is now divided into three sublevels: Bronze Whale1 (41%), Bronze Whale2 (42%), Bronze Whale3 (43%).
✅The lower level of the Silver Whale which used to give 42% is now divided into three sublevels: Bronze Whale1 (43%), Silver Whale2 (44%), Silver Whale3 (45%).
✅The average Gold Whale level, which used to give 45% is now divided into three sublevels: Silver Whale2 (45%), Silver Whale2 (46%), Gold Whale3 (47%).
✅The average Platinum Whale level which previously gave 48% is now divided into three sublevels: Gold Whale2 (48%), Gold Whale2 (49%), Platinum Whale (50%).

In general, if you are an active grinder and able to get the maximum cashback of 60%, then nothing has changed for you. If you have never made it at the high levels, then these changes will bring you a percent of additional cashback.

$10,000,000 Giveaway

Players have access to daily leaderboards with huge prizes in all disciplines available in the room!

  • AoF for $25,000
  • Spin & Gold for $20,000
  • Rush&Cash for $25,000
  • $20,000 hold'em
  • Omaha for $20,000
  • Short Deck $5,000
  • Flip&Go for $5,000
  • Battle Royale for $1,000

Contact us to get even more bonuses and find out how to register with PokerOK!


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