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PBC Project


PBC Project



PBC Project is a training project based on work for the result. Under the strict guidance of the project, many students have gone from micro to medium and high stakes. With each course, they work towards achieving the ultimate goals, focusing on the net profit of the student.

And also, we hasten to inform you that we also have an option with high-quality poker training in the NLH cash discipline. And no, this is not another coaching project, we explain why:
The work of our partner school is based on the final result of the student, and not on the sale of fixed lessons. In addition, we have the most honest payment system - payment from profit.
Moreover, students have CAP when paying a part from their profit. This means that the player will not give more than the indicated amount.
Plus, students receive a unique HUD developed by school teachers, the Hand2Note program and other poker software.

Finally, you will be surrounded by a group of like-minded people, with whom you can always discuss issues of interest, and when working with teachers, you will receive a complete algorithm of actions at each stage of the drawing, 50 group lessons and a number of individual consultations and much more.

How to join the project?

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