Play It Safe on WPN\: New Early Cashout All\-In Feature

Play It Safe on WPN: New Early Cashout All-In Feature

25 oct 2021

WPN has implemented its own version of all-in insurance called Play It Safe.

How it works

When going all-in in cash games, and players’ hands are flipped over (but before the river), the equity of each hand is calculated and there is an opportunity for a cashout.

✅If you decide to make a cashout, you will simply receive the amount offered, and it will be immediately added to your stack.
✅If you refuse, you will just continue to play.

How Play It Safe payout is calculated

The network uses the following formula to calculate the Play It Safe payout amount:
Play It Safe Payout = (pot size - rake) x probability of winning
Keep in mind that the network will charge 1% from the value of your hand (not the entire pot). The network withholds this amount even before it shows the Play It Safe payout.
However, you can always turn off Play It Safe.

An example of how Play It Safe works

Game: 0.5/1 NLH
Pot: 100 (rake 2.5)
• The player 1 has pair of aces on preflop and the probability of winning is 81.95%.
• The player 2 has pair of kings on preflop and the probability of winning is 18.05%.
Play It Safe calculations:
• Player 1 -> (100 - 2.5) x 81.95% x 99% = 79.10
• Player 2 -> (100 - 2.5) x 18.05% x 99% = 17.42


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