How to be saved\?

How to be saved?

09 nov 2022

FTX crash and crypto storm.
The collapse of the FTT token and one of the largest exchanges FTX gave rise to a new chain wave of crises that brings down the markets and shakes the stability of stablecoins.

Partly, the situation could have been saved by CZ (head of Binance), who is believed to be the author of the current crisis around FTX, however, he is passive in supporting. According to media reports, Zhao had serious doubts about buying his competitor, although he publicly expresses regret about the collapse of FTX.

The problem is that in addition to the general negative background and the downtrend in major currencies, Solana encountered problems. For example, the Crypto has already suspended deposits and withdrawals of two popular stablecoins USDC and USDT on the Solana blockchain. In addition, Alameda Research which is one of the largest holders of FTT tokens is also experiencing major problems due to the collapse of the token. The piquancy is that the chain of Alameda’s problems entails the crises of SOL and… USDT.

In such a large-scale issue, top exchanges and relatively reliable tokens and networks drown easily, not to mention ordinary coins. But what to do in such a situation? No one knows the exact answer (well, maybe CZ does). In our opinion (and this is not financial advice, by any means!), going into the cash to sit out the storm is not the worst choice.
However, the question remains: where to find a reliable exchange? There is the one! Write to Exmandr, and you will receive comprehensive information on the terms of the exchange. Find out reviews of our activities here and here, and here.


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